We support responsible manufacturing and transparency through the entire development - production process.  Anything outsourced, we advocate for good wages and safe workplaces for every partner we work with.  

We focus on non-trend design and natural materials that give existing or recycled materials a new purpose.  Because those materials are limited, we often make one-time or limited quantities.  All first sampling and pattern-making is done in studio before production.  This leaves a smaller environmental footprint and keeps a transparent process we document and share with you.  We are dedicated to keep this an art form and not a race, making high-quality garments we are passionate about, want you to live in.  Pieces made in special fabrics and prints you will have forever.

Some of our sustainable practices include:

  • Design focused on timeless styles for a life-long collection
  • Made-to-order & small production to ensure all garments will have a home.

  • Supporting local communities by partnering with retailers and creating jobs at production facilities

  • We create with unused materials and left over fabrics first before developing new ones.

Have questions about our process?  Email our Designer and Owner, Ashli Fell.