Silk has a deep history that originates in China during the Stone Age / BCE. This thousand yard fiber / filament was discovered from cocoons made from caterpillar to moth metamorphosis.  These fibers are tightly woven together to create the silk fabric.  The art of silk culture remained a secret to Asia for many years until cocoons were smuggled out of China and production began to flourish in Europe for centuries.  Disease took over the sericulture in many regions but China was able to recover, while Japan had modernized the process.  Asia still remains the center source of this important luxury material.

Legend has it a Chinese princess discovered silk after a silk cocoon fell into her cup of tea. The hot water unravelled the cocoon, and she managed to pull out a silk fibre that was several meters long.

Upon this discovery, the princess and her serving women begin to weave the silk fibres to make the luxurious fabric which we now know as silk. From that point forward, China discovered the life cycle of the silkworm and managed to keep the production of silk a secret for thousands of years.